Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Group Think

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Group Think Tank - What other questions should be addressed with the possible relocation of 9 cemeteries?

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  • Will the proposed action and the Draft EIS discuss the long-term plan for the preservation of the nine historical cemeteries affected?
  • Has the State of Louisiana Department of Culture Recreation and Tourism, Louisiana Unmarked Burial Sites Board been notified of the proposed action and the Draft EIS?
  • Will local historians, genealogist, archaeologists and Save Our Cemeteries offer impact statements concerning the nine cemeteries affected?
  • What other cemeteries in Louisiana have been relocated and where can I find more information about the process of relocating a cemetery? It appears that 9 cemeteries in Washington Parish will be affected and possibly relocated due to a reservior project.
  • Can anyone think of any other obvious questions that should be addressed with the likelihood of nine cemeteries requiring relocation?