Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hidden treasures

You may view more photographs taken by John Black of Alphenia Plantation Cemetery at the Louisiana Cemetery Preservation Ning. There is also a headstone photograph of James Bowman. "In 1921 Mr. and Mrs. Whited gave a beautiful memorial window, in honor of the memory of their fathers,Samuel Whited and James Bowman, to the Representative and Memorial Church of the Methodist Church (South), located in Washington, D. C."--A History of Louisiana, (vol. 2), pp. 41-42, by Henry E. Chambers.
Published by The American Historical Society, Inc., Chicago and New York, 1925. SEE USGENWEB URL

The Fall and Winter months offer an opportunity to discover Louisiana Cemeteries hidden by the thick. Please photograph cemeteries such as this one and offer everyone an opportunity to preserve our history through Louisiana Cemetery Preservation. You may read more about how to document and photograph cemeteries at the Louisiana Cemetery Preservation wiki or website.

This cemetery was reported to the AG's office in August as the area was said to be a historical Indian Mound, which deserves special protection in the State of Louisiana.