Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How to submit a cemetery report

How to submit a cemetery report

If you have found a cemetery that is NOT listed with the Louisiana Cemetery Board as an ACTIVE cemetery and that contains graves 50 years of age or older, and is unkept, abandoned or neglected or otherwise UNKNOWN, a  report should be filed with the Regional Louisiana Dept. of Archaeology, the Louisiana Attorney General, and the local Sheriffs office. You may find a list of contacts here. Recent updates to Louisiana cemetery law require reporting within 72 hours.

If the cemetery is ACTIVE and is accepting burials, then it falls under the jurisdiction of the Louisiana Cemetery Board. The Louisiana Cemetery Board can be contacted online, in addition to the local police, Sheriff, and Louisiana Attorney Generals office.

The online form for submission through Louisiana Cemetery Preservation website can be found here or you may send an email to
  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Please answer as many of the following questions as possible when making a submission via email:
Cemetery Name    
Driving directions    
Condition description    
Earliest record    
Your name, address, email    
Todays date    
Alternate cemetery name    
GIS GPS Location    
Does the cemetery have a sign?    
Is the cemetery access road public or private?    
Are burial records available?    
Source of burial records:    
Source of photo:    
Approximate number of internments    
Overall condition of markers    
Most common surnames found
Other comments

See examples: Saving Graves Louisiana Archived Reports.

*updated links to include current cemetery reports in Louisiana and archived Saving Graves Louisiana cemetery reports.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cemetery Reports

Since 2008 over 40 reports concerning abandoned, neglected, endangered, or unknown cemeteries in Louisiana have been made from either the newspapers or online submissions at the website.  In some cases the dates of the report submission are incorrect (April 27th).  They will be corrected as time allows.

Cemetery reports filed with Louisiana Cemetery Preservation through the online submission form. 

Submit an abandoned, neglected, endangered, or unknown cemetery in Louisiana here.

Submit a comment about these reports or an update on a previously filed report here.

1 Youngblood Cemetery - St. Helena Parish

2 Facebook Badge

3 Old City Cemetery - Ouachita Parish

4 St. Michaels Cemetery - St. Martin Parish

5 First Cemetery Cameron Parish

6 Old Reagan Cemetery - Franklin Parish 26 August 2010

7 Holt Cemetery Orleans Parish August 23, 2010

8 Silvery and Westover Plantation - West Baton Rouge Parish

9 Durden Cemetery - Bossier Parish

10 UNKNOWN - Bossier Parish

11 Caddo Parish, Shreveport, Historical Jewish Cemetery Desecrated

12 Shell Mound Cemetery - St Charles Parish

13 Holt Cemetery Orleans Parish

14 St. Michael Cemetery St. Martin Parish

15 Colonial Cemetery Tangipahoa Parish

16 St. Bernard Memorial Gardens St. Bernard Parish

17 Various Cemeteries Morehouse Parish

18 Carter Cemetery - Claiborne Parish

19 Unknown Private Cemetery Catahoula Parish

20 Lopez Family Cemetery Jefferson Davis Parish

21 Alphenia Plantation - Bowman Family Cemetery Tensas Parish

22 Lopez Cemetery - Jefferson Davis Parish

23 Mcgaha Cemetery - West Carroll Parish

24 Frederick Cemetery Vermilion Parish

25 Blythe Cemetery - Catahoula Parish

26 Joseph Jenkins Cemetery Iberia Parish

27 Old Gwinn Cemetery Dehlco Richaland Parish

28 Sweet Olive Cemetery Baton Rouge

29 Pleasant Hill Baptist Church - Sabine Parish

30 Nash Cemetery Ouachita Parish

31 Murphey Cemetery Acadia Parish

32 St. Lukes - Little Zion - Cleona Plantation - Lafourche Parish

33 Nine Cemeteries Endangered Washington Parish

34 Jewish cemetery - Natchitoches Parish

35 Holt Cemetery - Orleans Parish

36 Rose Hill - Iberia Parish - Formerly St. Martin Parish

37 St Bernard Memorial Gardens - Thefts - St. Bernard Parish

38 Garden of the Pines, Covington Cemetery, or Wilson Cemetery east and west St. Tammany Parish

39 Carter Cemetery Beauregard Parish

40 Twin Cities Memorial Gardens Ouachita Parish Monroe 

Archived Cemetery Reports for Louisiana from Saving Graves

1 Vernon Cemetery Jackson Parish
2 Saint Louis #1 Orleans Parish
3 Starkey Cemetery Tangipahoa Parish
4 Shows Cemetery Caddo Parish
5 Nick Wax Cemetery East Baton Rouge Parish
6 New Testament Church Cemetery Livingston Parish
7 Mickens Road Cemetery East Baton Rouge Parish
8 Mezpah Baptist Church Cemetery Caldwell Parish
9 Madisonville St. Tammany Parish
10 Lea Cemetery Washington Parish
11 Holt Cemetery Orleans Parish
12 Fowler Cemetery Jackson Parish
13 Faust Cemetery Ouachita Parish
14 Chevy Chase Cemetery Concordia Parish
15 Charity Hospital Cemetery Orleans Parish
16 Birch Cemetery St. Helena Parish

What's New in Louisiana Cemetery Preservation?

Louisiana Historic Cemetery Preservation Act 2010
This act was signed by the Governor of Louisiana, Gov. Bobby Jindal, on June 29, 2010.  This Act. 707 (HB 527) can be downloaded as a PDF file from the Louisiana Legislature Web Portal at the following URL:

The Act covers cemeteries that are unknown in Louisiana that are 50 years of age or older and includes isolated graves or grave sites in addition to cemeteries no longer in active use which are NOT governed under the Louisiana Cemetery Board and who are not currently under state jurisdiction.  The Act defines an "abandoned cemetery" and "historic cemetery" and law pertaining to the discovery of a grave.

You may read PDF files of the Act here. This Act mandates:
Any person who has reason to believe he has discovered a historic
cemetery or an isolated grave shall notify the department through the division within
seventy-two hours of the discovery.
A PDF contact list for Louisiana Cemetery Preservation can be found here.