Monday, November 3, 2008

Heritage Day at Fort Polk 2008

The second annual Heritage Day at Fort Polk took place on November 1st. According to the Leesville Daily Leader newspaper, "Since undertaking the goal of preserving the old home sites and cemeteries, Fort Polk has located more than 27 cemeteries as well as numerous home sites.During the past year, more than 70 grave sites have been located with ground-penetrating radar. Sage said they hope to identify all of the grave sites and eventually replace markers. Currently Fort Polk is working with the U.S. Forest Service and Northwestern State University to collect oral histories along with any and all photos of Camp Polk and the home sites of the families prior to the government’s take over of the land.As information is collected, it is being recorded. Copies will be available for viewing at Fort Polk and NSU." The Gaurdian posted an article about Heritage Day by ZACH MORGAN, Heritage Days helps families heal old hurts.