Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Iron headstones Beauregard Parish

Iron headstone photographs from Old Camp Ground, Sugartown, Louisiana cemetery can be found at the LOUISiana digital library online. I found this photograph taken at Sugartown in 1966.

"Dedication of Old Camp Ground Cemetery (established circa 1820's) near Sugartown, Louisiana. Beauregard Parish. Written on photo: Erected one mile east of Sugartown, La. On Hwy 112. Established in 1820's by early Beauregard Parish settlers. This site was originally an Indian camp site. Later the wooded stretch along Sugar Creek became the community's camp meeting grounds where circuit riding ministers performed weddings, conversions, and funerals. The smallest post office in the U.S. is here."

Current 2003 photographs indicate that the names on iron headstones long with the glass plates did not survive time and many headstones are now lost in this cemetery. Luckily, one headstone, has this LOUISiana 1966 historical photograph and possibly further information on Find A Grave about Rebecca J. Williamson Baggett. The cemetery transcription and photograph listing here indicates that inscriptions like the one of Rebecca J. Baggett's may no longer exist on these old ironstones. Rebecca J Williamson Baggett has another headstone on FAG at Old Camp Ground, Sugartown cemetery in Beauregard Parish.

Photo FAG Duffie and Kathy 2009

This ironstone photo below by by Sharon Pierce and Cindy Prince taken in May 2003 of another ironstone at Beauregard Parish Sugartown cemetery.

" There are many of these metal markers in the cemetery. The glass and the names are gone. This one has a Mason insignia at the top. I don't remember any of them having flowers on them."

"To reach the cemetery, go to the center of town (the intersection of LA 112 and LA 113) and turn towards Pitkin on LA 113. It is just north of Sugartown Baptist Church, which is only a stone's throw from the intersection. Even
though it is on a main road, you have a feeling of being away from everything due to the surrounding trees"

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Attorney General Opinion - Louisiana Cemetery Board Jurisdiction

The Louisiana Cemetery Community on Facebook has updated the Attorney General Opinions from the Louisiana Cemetery Board. You may read those here.

The AG's Opinion reflects the 2010 changes to Louisiana Cemetery Law and includes information about the relationship between the Louisiana Cemetery Board, active cemeteries, neglected cemeteries, abandoned cemeteries and more.